Euro 2012 Group Stage – After Game 1 for All Groups

It’s been a much more interesting, and tighter, competition than I was expecting, especially with Denmark beating the Netherlands.  I think it’s still awaiting that one match to really kick start it, unless that match was Italy vs Spain which I didn’t get to see much of.

Once again, the team I care most about are the ones I am going to be seeing the least of, but I suppose it has it’s advantages with regard to stress.  Also, I’m starting to think that Italy do better when I don’t watch them, which I am aware is irrational.  There are those teams and players where I know I have no effect, like Saints, and then those players were I know I am a terrible omen, like Ivanisevic.  I didn’t watch a single match of his live in 2001, which part of me regrets but most of me is going ‘yes, but it helped him win’.  At least I know that Ivanisevic would appreciate my logic.

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