More Complaining About Rush

I’ve just seen the second trailer.

I am now torn even more because, seriously, they couldn’t find a British actor for James Hunt? I mean, I love you Chris Hemsworth and I admire your attempt at James Hunt, but it really doesn’t work.

They do at least seem to be giving Niki a fair shake, he’s just a bit harder to get across to begin with. This month’s Lufthansa in-flight magazine has an interview with him and he is still very much himself. A sort of mixture of “does not suffer fools gladly” and “my way or the highway” mixed with an acceptance of his (many) faults and the fact that he can be out-stubborned (mostly by his wife).

I hope the film gets across his sense of humour, which is particularly dry. (This is the guy who makes jokes about his own fiery near death experience) And he enjoys mocking everything.

Brühl does his best, but the voice isn’t right, and never will be right (like by about half a pint of gravel and about an octave) and … I still don’t see why they’re making this film. The dude that made the Senna documentary, if he chose to make a documentary about this, that’s something I’d choose to watch.


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