World Cup Predictions

Because it’s getting close to the World Cup time, and because @Tiberius_Jolly and I were bored, have our entirely unlikely to be accurate World Cup predictions:

Group A

Brazil & Cameroon

Group B

Spain & Chile

Group C

Colombia & Ivory Coast

Group D

England & Uruguay (Don’t look at me, I got out-shouted by a maniac who thinks England are likely to go through on goal difference.)

Group E

France & Switzerland

Group F

Argentina & Nigeria (I’m backing Bosnia & Herzogovina as possible dark horses in this group.)

Group G

Germany & Portugal

Group H

Belgium & Russia (this relies on Russia not pulling a Euro 2012 and actually performing as well as they can.)


Brazil beats Chile

Uruguay beats Colombia

France beats Nigeria

Germany beats Russia

Spain beats Cameroon

England beats Ivory Coast

Argentina beats Switzerland

Portugal beats Belgium


Brazil beat Uruguay

Germany beats France

Spain beat England

Argentina beat Portugal (unless Ronaldo is Maradona)


Brazil beat Germany

Argentina/Portugal beats Spain


A final of Brazil  vs either Argentina (oooh) or Portugal

And if Portugal get to final, nevermind winning the thing, we have to actually start asking the Pele, Maradona or Ronaldo question.

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