World Cup Final Interconnectivity Diagram

The normal interconnectivity diagram is not all that interesting, since all it really tells us is that Bayern Munich had the most players in the World Cup final (7), followed by Borussia Dortmund (4) and Manchester City (3).  The only teams guaranteed to have a player on the winning side were Real Madrid and Lazio.

What is interesting is the community view:

The vast majority of the German players are in one group, as are the vast majority of the Argentine players.  Real Madrid and Lazio (and attached players) are their own groups, but so are the Arsenal players, poor concussed Christoph Kramer, Ziegler of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Andre Schürle and the Schalke boys for Germany, and the Boca Junior players, the solitary Catana player, Basanta of Monteray, Lavezzi and Romero of Monaco.  I don’t understand the algorithm well enough to understand why those players get turned into their own communities while, say, Ginter of Freiburg (also the only player representing that team) doesn’t.

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