Book Locations

If I may direct you to a thing that @nwbrux (on Twitter) is doing, where he’s using LibraryThing and GoodReads to try to find the most famous book from each European country – (Inspired by this mentalfloss thing doing the same for each US state –

Other than being very happy that Kidnapped got a mention for Scotland, and hoping that The Three Musketeers gets a mention for France, I have suddenly become aware that the other thing I think of when you say French book isn’t a novel per se (Asterix for the win) and neither is the thing I think of when you say Dutch book (the Diary of Anne Frank).

Anyway, I did a quick blast through the books that I have reviewed on LibraryThing (because it’s common knowledge function is useful when you can’t quite remember where one of the Aubrey and Maturin books is set), and I have found that I really need to read a more varied selection of books.

image (2)

And that Brazilian one is pushing it a bit because they literally only just touch there in HMS Surprise, but the whole “you debauched my sloth” thing is too magnificent to ignore.

It’s even worse if I look at the UK-based books:

image (3)

(Yes, all of the Welsh ones are Torchwood books.) Add to that that most of those are set in London or the Home Counties, it definitely means I need to read a more varied set of books.

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