‘Twas the night before the first qualifying session of the season

For an F1 fan, the week before the first grand prix of the season is probably the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s the last time we can pretend to ourselves that all the cars and drivers might stand half a chance at actually winning something and that it won’t just be a two horse race featuring whichever manufacturer has the best car (it’s going to be Mercedes this season).

You can still, at this point, lie to yourself and say that if the team you like have done poorly in testing, they have been sandbagging, and if they’ve been doing well, it’s because the car is good, not because they’ve been running light on fuel.

As a Ferrari fan, I am trying not to be optimistic.  I have been here too often.  Because the car looks good, and looks to be performing reasonably well and … if the Mercedes hit each other often enough Ferrari might, might, might just win a few races and then and then … and you’ll note I said trying not to be optimistic, not succeeding.

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