Sam Burgess Cannot Win

First things first, I am a league girl, born and bred.  But I don’t blame Sam Burgess for switching codes.  There’s money in them thar fields.  Other than that, he wants to win a World Cup, and England Rugby Union have a greater chance of that than England Rugby League.  Again, I admire a man with ambition.

But the way the English RFU have gone about it means that Sam Burgess is going to get it in the neck whatever happens.

If he gets into the England team for the World Cup, people will say it’s only because the RFU has decided to put him in there to prove a point, that they were right to pay the Rabbitohs the stupid amount it took to bring him to Bath from Sydney.  If he doesn’t, it’s because he’s just a big lump that tackles hard, and isn’t worth the fuss or the money.  And he’s more than just a big lump (although he does big lump jobs very well).

I’m not sure if the mistake the RFU made was paying his transfer fee (because it’s unfair on teams that aren’t Bath), or making it clear that he was being fast-tracked into the England team (which he was).  Either way, they’ve handled this badly.

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