Restaurant Review – Rub, Birmingham

Location: 4, Regency Wharf, Broad St, Birmingham B1 1DSMenu: here

Style of food: Describes itself a US-style BBQ.  No idea if this is accurate or not.


The food was fantastically tasty.  I went for the ‘Chicken N Waffles’, and the salt of the chicken and sweetness of the maple syrup combined most excellently.  The chicken meat itself was soft and delicious.

Annoyingly, although I checked the menu for miscellaneous sauces and none was mentioned for ‘Chicken N Waffles’, it came with a liberal covering of what I suspect was chipotle sauce.  Although I can’t be sure, because it wasn’t mentioned on the menu.  Now this isn’t a huge problem for me, my problem’s that I’m fussy, but it does make you worry a bit about what else might be in recipes that they don’t bother to mention (guess who knows a lot of people with nut allergies).

I went with a Mississippi mud shake (which they since seem to have taken off the menu), which again was glorious.  Thick without being gloopy and remarkable thirst-quenching given that it was a milkshake.  They’d run out of their iced tea, which would have been my first choice, but given how rammed the restaurant was, it’s not surprising, plus it was the only thing that wasn’t available.  I definitely recommend making a reservation before going.

The ‘Chicken N Waffles’ came with your choice of sides and I went with the skin on fries.  Which I think were an excellent choice.  Not too thin and again, well flavoured.

The only complaint I could have about the food was there was too much of it.  I struggled to eat all my ‘Chicken N Waffles’ and had to pass a fair few of the fries down the line.  I think more-than-you-can-eat cuisine comes from a different culture than mine, where wasting food is a mortal sin.

While I am what L describes as an accidental hipster, and therefore things like jam-jars for drinks and tin crockery don’t bother me.  What does bother me is seats made out of faux-shipping pallets that are so uncomfortable that I’m still sore two days later.  Now I am well-padded of posterior so I have no idea how uncomfortable some of the skinny minis I was with found it, but what I do know is that they all complained about how uncomfortable it was.


Would I go again: Sure, but I’d try to make sure we were on the proper seats not the benches.


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