Four Thoughts About The Rugby World Cup Quarter-Finals (And Some Diagrams)

1 – I don’t think this is the end of Northern Hemisphere rugby

All of Ireland’s injuries (and one idiotic suspension), and several of Wales’s, were starting players.  So we know that Ireland B and Wales A minus can’t beat full strength South African and Argentine sides.

Scotland were done out of their match by a mistake.

France had their first choice kicking person off-injured and seem to have a thing against choose Trinh-Duc, who is better than Michalak anyway.

Reports of the death of Northern Hemisphere rugby may have been greatly exaggerated.

2 – New Zealand look to be terrifyingly good

Because France were not bad in that match, despite what the scoreline says.

But Julian Savea is something else.  Mum’s boyfriend was cooing over him.

3 – If this is how Argentine play after getting Super Rugby, think how good Japan will be

Stolen from a friend, but so true.  The possibilities for Japanese rugby are magnificent.

4 – Bringing in the new concussion protocols was a good idea.

For evidence see Scott Baldwin’s ‘no, I’m fine’ after being knocked spark out and also Dan Biggar’s.  We can’t expect players, who are desperate for their team to succeed and see themselves as part of that, to declare when they’re injured.

The diagrams took longer than expected to produce because of the number of teams that were removed and size of each team.

New Zealand are now drifting along in splendid isolation, with the loss of the Tongan and Samoan players that play for New Zealand teams.

Argentina are the national team closest to the centre, while Bordeaux Bègles are the club team closest to the centre.  Leinster and the Argentine Super Rugby franchise are the teams with the most players represented with 20 each.


The important advice remains ‘don’t be Wales’ but don’t be Ireland is also important.  When all players used are counted the Argentine Super Rugby franchise has the most players represented, followed by Leinster and Glasgow Warriors.

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