The Provisional Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Now, there are good reasons for complaining about the planned Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

For instance, Azerbaijan’s terrible human rights record.

Or that it clashes with the Le Mans.

Both perfectly reasonable reasons.

It’s too difficult to get from Canada to Azerbaijan in a week is not a good reason.

For once, this isn’t just me being mean.  Several years ago, Baku hosted the Cadet and Junior World Championships in fencing.  Three days after the end of the Worlds, several fencers had to be in New York for a fencing grand prix.  They made it with a day to spare.  If a severely under-funded squad, with what can at best be described as a semi-pro organising team can do it, then I expect twenty professional sports teams to be able to do it without fuss, especially as several of them have access to FedEx and their own corporate jets.  Marussia and Haas are allowed to complain, but only because they have tiny, tiny budgets.  Mercedes and Ferrari really, really aren’t allowed to whinge in quite the way they have been.

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