4 Comic Book Movie Trailers – 1 – Suicide Squad

Split up for length.

And because otherwise I will use up the world’s entire supply of exclamation marks in one go. (Yes, that is a warning that several of these posts will be squee-ridden.)

Suicide Squad goes first because I keep forgetting it exists only for someone to remind me.

Suicide Squad isn’t one of my comics, but I know the general gist.

The trailer amused me, and I did like seeing Amanda Waller.

I’m always going to be in favour of any film that gives Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje a role.

From the trailer, I think I’m going to like the Leto Joker a lot more than a lot of people will. Because yes, he looks and feels like the Joker, just not the Ledger Joker.

I’m less taken by their version of Harley Quinn, she doesn’t sound or feel like Harley Quinn. No diss intended on the actress who is giving it great guns, I just prefer my Harley more cheerful maniac rather than dark manic pixie girl.

That being said, I will be very sad if she doesn’t turn on the Suicide Squad for Mister Jay!

I still have grievous doubts that they’re going to be able to pull off the Suicide Squad properly in a film but I’m more than willing to give it a go. If I remember it exists.

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