4 Comic Book Movie Trailers – 2 – Batman vs Superman

Put second because despite thinking it’s a good, solid trailer I still have doubts about the whole thing.

Starting with Zack Snyder being the director. And David S. Goyer being the writer.

I spent most of the trailer chuckling over Lex Luthor. Which I’m not sure I’m supposed to do. I mean, I chuckled at Kevin Spacey’s Luthor but he was still evil through and through but I’m not sure if Jesse Eisenberg can do evil villain that I laugh at that I don’t like more than the hero. (NB – I am also one of the people who liked Superman Returns.)

I believe Henry Cavill’s Superman, I just don’t believe his Clark Kent. And I’m still not sure about Wonder Woman. And I hate the new Batsuit.

But there was this shot of Ben Affleck tied up and angry and not giving an inch and I was all ‘Hello Bruce, I’ve missed you’.

And that’s the thing, I am still dubious about the whole film but I’m tempted to go and watch it just for Batman.

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