4 Comic Book Movie Trailers – 4 – X-Men: Apocalypse

I try not to get too excited in advance because that way lies disappointment but I can’t help myself on this occasion.  This is the review that has used all of the exclamation marks.

All of them!

There are those as yet ungotten and unborn whose lifetime’s supply of exclamation marks I have used up already. Just a warning.

Mostly because the non-spoilery version of my comments on the trailer are:

Oh Erik, you idiot!
!!! (squee)
!! Prof. X. !!!!!!

The really worrying thing is that L. actually guessed what shots all of the non-exclamation mark points were from.

The squee was Mystique’s ‘that’s why I’m here, to fight,’ and generally being Field Marshal Mystique with a vengeance. (Because she is my favourite, just don’t tell Hank.)

The ‘Oh Erik, you idiot!’ is the obvious thing, because, you know what, the other three have excuses, by now Erik you are old enough to know better. And then I realise I am ranting at a fictional character (again) and … damn it, the X-Men have got me, again.

Magneto doing it at least makes more sense than several of the other characters who do it. I’m just deeply amused because my original comment from Apocalypse turning up in the end credits for Days of Future past was “(Gambit cut bit that turns out to be wrong and even worse, long) … even while going “no, don’t believe Apocalypse, because he lies.” I can’t see them having it be Wolverine that turns into a Horseman because he’s very much the viewer’s entry character and Apocalypse is the one guy I don’t think even Erik would try to use in a “stop humans from killing us”. I want to believe that last sentence so much.”

And oh I was wrong but I knew I would be and it’s glorious.

Spoilers for the general set up of all the Apocalypse stories follow.

Because there’s always one good guy who thinks they can take down Apocalypse from the inside and goes under, and then realises that no, Apocalypse is stronger than that.

And after the first guy has done that the rest of them are bloody stupid for trying it again but it tends to be the gloriously heroic stupid characters that do it and we forgive them for this because … we’re very forgiving. And Gambit is my favourite.

And I was hoping that Erik Lensherr because of his various ‘I bow to no-one’ issues might not fall for Apocalypse’s entreaties but I knew he would because the one thing that would work on him is ‘it’s for the good of mutantkind’ and even though Apocalypse is only really after his own greater glory that’s like catnip for Magneto and well, I am going to keyboard-smash pretty much throughout the whole thing.

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