Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman was two, maybe two and a half good films, frankensteined into one that doesn’t quite work.

I actually really liked Superman vs Lex Luthor (except for the bits where they make Lex too Jokerish [not every supervillain has to be the Joker, DC], and the bit at the end where they reduce him to a herald for Darkseid. Which is not Lex Luthor’s job.). Lex is evil in a clever way, and Clark gets to be lovely (mostly).

Batman vs Superman was quite good, except for the bits where Clark was an idiot. Because Clark isn’t an idiot. I’m even okay with self-righteousness, but I don’t think I’m supposed to think ‘shut up Superman, you don’t understand what’s going on. Think a little harder.’ at various points. Unfortunately, they gave Alfred the same “logic” and, well, I really don’t like going ‘shut up Alfred’. I am so totally on Batman’s side on this one.

I will even accept their excuse for the new Batsuit, even if, in that sequence, I wanted to go ‘Clark, the quick solution to this is to tell Bats what’s going on’. I really don’t like it when they make Superman stupid. (Also, I know people who can lift more than Batman. That’s just wrong 😉 )

Despite the fact that I think Wonder Woman was the third best thing about the film (Batfleck and Lex Luthor are 1 and 2), I could have done without that Justice League stuff being shoved in. Most of it (except the wonderful ‘some boys share’ bit) felt rushed and squashed and took up valuable time in the film.

What I really don’t get is how of the characters the one they get right is Bruce Wayne. Who theoretically is the difficult one to do right. I don’t like their Superman, I have some issues with their Lois (very few, mostly I love her) and Clark, but Bruce and Batsy I love.

No, really, I want to draw stars and hearts around Ben Affleck’s Bruce and I’m actually quite sad that I won’t get an Affleck solo Bat film.

It might be that it is easier to do grimdark Bruce and still be true to the character than it is to do Superman grimdark and still get the real Superman in there (I do think it’s possible. David Goyer is just not the guy to do it.).

I know the film wants us to go ‘yes, Superman and Alfred are right about Bruce weaponising kryptonite’ and yet, Superman might not be the only Kryptonian about and there’s no point assuming the rest of them are going to be cuddly. I am once again on Team Bats.

Two things really annoyed me:

1 – The evil terrorists at the start, I think I’m supposed to be annoyed when they kill Lois’s sidekick rather than being really angry at him (and the CIA) for endangering every other journalist in the world.

2 – Since when is Superman American? Why is he getting a US military funeral? I realise that when the MCU mentions the rest of the world it’s ham-fisted, but hey, at least they try. I wouldn’t mind if Batman vs Superman was just hyper-focused on Gotham and Metropolis (like the Nolan Bat films are), but it’s not, in the oddest ways.

Also, in a much smaller way, why is Luthor suddenly half-German?

I could also have done without Snyder’s continuing love affair with the slow-mo, and the constant Messianic overtones with Superman. I have spent enough time in art museums to know most of the archetypal paintings Snyder is ripping off. And it is ripping off, not referencing. 

The other thing I didn’t like is spoilery. 

Superman’s “death”. 

The phrase, ‘like you really would’ springs to mind. It robs the scene of all pathos. I think badly injured would have been better and actually more tear-jerking. 

This all sounds more negative than I actually felt about the film.  It’s enjoyable popcorn and would probably be better without its pretensions.

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