Euro 2016 Second Round

Having lost 8 of the teams, including my beloved if horribly incompetent Austria (No, really guys, the one time you could get away with being terrible in qualifying, you’re awesome and then totally screw up the finals!!!), this is what the interconnectivity diagram looks like:




There are actually very few changes, partly I think because relatively few teams were cut, and also because a lot of the teams cut were those that had fewer links to other teams. Iceland stands alone because most of its players who were linked to another country were linked to Sweden who are out. The nearest national team to the centre are Italy, the club team nearest the middle is Rennes. Juventus and Liverpool have the most players left, with 12 each, followed by Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United with 10. I think this might be further evidence of the Premier League’s multi-national nature and its pulling power. The comms view looks like this:


Belgium and England are in the same community because of the number of Belgian squad members who play in England (11 out of the 23). Everyone else is their own community.

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