Film Locations

An update to this post about where the films I watch are set, now updated to 22nd June 2014.

As you can see, they’re overwhelmingly set in the US or UK, but less so than the books I read.

image (6)

The ones in the UK are mainly set in England.

image (7)

If I include fantasy and non-terrestrial locations, its not much better, although US and UK-set films no longer make up more than half of all locations.

image (8)

Euro 2016 Final Data Viz

Only one team connects Portugal and France and that is Lyon.


Sporting Lisbon are the team with the most players left in with 4, followed by Lyon with 3 and a wodge of teams with two players left in.

I would love to say I guessed that this would be the final, but I really didn’t, I don’t think anyone but the most ardent Portuguese fan thought they could make it, especially after the group stage, although every prediction I made had France in the final.

Euro 2016 Semi-Final Data Viz

After the quarterfinal results, the remaining teams form a very pleasing diamond shape:


France and Germany are the two teams nearest the central and are roughly equally far from the centre.

Manchester United are the club team closest to the centre.

Because Italy lost, Juventus are no longer the team with the most players left in. That is now Bayern Munich (because it’s always them) with 6, followed by Crystal Palace (no joke), Arsenal, Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon with 4.

Bayern, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Manchester United are guaranteed to have a player in the final, no matter the semifinal results:

Looking at the communities view, all four countries are their own communities, as, for some reason are Mario Gomez and Ricardo Quaresma of Beşiktaş.


Euro 2016 Quarter Final Data Viz

(Slightly late, been busy at work.)

After some unexpected match ups and some unexpected results the inter-connectivity diagram for the quarterfinals looks like this:


France are now the most central national team, while Roma are the most central club team.

Juventus still have the most players represented with 9, followed by Bayern Munich with 7 and Roma with 6.

There are more Swansea City players left in the competition than Barcelona players! No, really. But that’s what happens when Italy vs Spain is a second round match.

Groups E and F have the most teams left, which will be of absolutely no comfort to fans of Sweden and Austria who were the two teams to drop out from those two groups at the group stage. But it’s the excuse I’m sticking to if anyone asks why Austria went out so early.

With England losing, all countries are now their own communities in the community view: