An Apology To The Buffalo Bills

I feel I owe the Buffalo Bills an apology.

I fear their terrible start to the season might be partly my fault.

It’s a complete accident I swear. And I meant well.

I brought my friend a Bills painted skull back from Mexico and I think it might be cursed.


It was bought with good intentions, I even hunted for it when, because of their previous uselessness, Bills paraphenalia was hard to find. I am not kidding. It was easier to find Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions gear. I finally found the cursed artefact of doom on the last day of the trip. I thought it was a sign. And it might have been, but not the good kind.

Possibly the skull should not have been bought.

Although if the Bills somehow win the whole boondoggle from that sort of start, I reserve the right to take the credit for that too.

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