Rugby League World Cup Semi Final Predictions

The matches are Australia vs Fiji and Tonga vs England.

Australia vs Fiji:

I know what people are saying, that we have been here before and it ends badly for Fiji.  And yes, it did.  I know because I was quite literally there, but I believe Ashton Sims when he says that this Fiji team are better than that Fiji team, not just because I’d believe Ashton Sims if he said the moon was made of cheese.  And this is not a classic Australia side.

Such tiny hopes are what sports fans hangs their dreams on.

Tonga vs England:

Tonga are beatable, and Lebanon did themselves more than proud.  May all our national teams perform with as much heart.

I have given up on England.  I know I always say that, and I know that they are in the semifinal which is what they were expected to do.  Which makes them more successful than New Zealand.  At the same time, none of England’s performances have been that good and, Kallum Watkins and Jermaine McGilvary notwithstanding, no one has lived up to their potential.  Admittedly there are a couple of players who have been played in positions that seem designed so that they can’t.

England may or may not beat Tonga, but even if they do, I can’t see them beating the winner of Australia vs Fiji (please let it be Fiji).

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