2018 World Cup Second Round Predictions

I think I did alright with my first round predictions, I got 13/16 right.

Group A
Prediction = Uruguay and Egypt
Actual = Uruguay and Russia

I did not expect Russia to achieve the dizzy height of competence, even with the home team bounce. I was wrong. I also didn’t expect Egypt to be so flat. It’s more than just Salah being injured. Everyone else appeared to be lacking in energy. Flat might not be a harsh enough term for a team that somehow lost to Saudi Arabia.

Group B
Prediction = Spain and Portugal
Actual = Spain and Portugal

But it was a lot closer than I expected. Poor Iran 😦

Group C
Prediction = France and Denmark
Actual = France and Denmark

This one went more or less the way I expected it to go.

Group D
Prediction = Argentina and Croatia
Actual = Croatia and Argentina

Got the right teams, the wrong way round, but I doubt anyone saw the Argentina vs Croatia result coming

Group E
Prediction = Brazil and Serbia
Actual = Brazil and Switzerland, due to refereeing malfeasance. I will be nice about Switzerland never!

Group F
Prediction = Germany and Mexico
Actual = Mexico and Sweden

Well that was unexpected!! I should have known no good would come of a team that lost to Austria in the warm ups.

Group G
Prediction = Belgium and England
Actual = Belgium and England

Bang on, because I knew England wouldn’t beat Belgium. I know people will say it wasn’t their starting 11, but I remain convinced it’s not the country with the best A team that wins World Cups, it’s the one with the best A minus team.

Group H
Prediction = Colombia and Japan
Actual = Colombia and Japan – bang on.

Second round matches:

Uruguay vs Portugal = Which should be joyous, if only for Pepe vs Suarez. I suspect it will be a cagey affair that one team will sneak. My heart says Uruguay, my head says Portugal. I will go with Uruguay.

France vs Argentina = I didn’t see this match coming and it may be the only thing that stops my vision of a glorious French victory at this World Cup. Then again, while France haven’t been inspiring going forward, Argentina have been insecure at the back so France could still do it.

Brazil vs Mexico – While I fear Brazil will win this, vamos Mexico.

Belgium vs Japan – probably Belgium but closer than people expect.

Spain vs Russia – despite my Spanish boss’s deep misgivings, Spain.

Croatia vs Denmark – which should be a good match if nothing else. If Croatia keep it together, they should win.

Sweden vs Switzerland – could also be good. Switzerland to sneak it.

Colombia vs England – Very good attack, iffy at the back vs good at the front and not quite as iffy at the back. So lots of goals, and probably Colombia win.

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