2018 World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions

My second round predictions were:

France vs Argentina – predicted France, France won, the match was every bit as close as I thought it would be.

Uruguay vs Portugal – predicted Uruguay, Uruguay won, a much better match than I expected. I do hope Cavani is all right for the quarterfinals.

Spain vs Russia – predicted Spain, Russia won because this World Cup is glorious. My Spanish boss got the details right about what would happen in his doom-laden prediction beforehand.

Croatia vs Denmark – predicted Croatia, was right, damn it.

Mexico vs Brazil – predicted Brazil, was right, damn it all.

Belgium vs Japan – predicted Belgium, was right, damn it all again, and was even more right about it being closer than people expected. Japan are a good side and I don’t get why people don’t realise that.

Sweden vs Switzerland – predicted Switzerland, was wrong.

England vs Colombia – predicted lots of goals and Colombia and was wrong on both counts.

Predictions for the quarterfinals:

France vs Uruguay – on the one hand, France were my pre-tournament pick to win the whole thing and have been solid. On the other hand, my heart belongs to Diego Godin. Being rational, I think France will win, especially if Cavani is injured but I am hoping for Uruguay.

Russia vs Croatia – logic says Croatia. Logic has little to do with this Russian team. I think Croatia will do it though.

Brazil vs Belgium – probably Brazil but …

Sweden vs England – this will either be really exciting or the dullest match ever. Sweden have enough about them to frustrate England but I don’t know if they have enough going forward to beat them so I will go with England.

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