2018 World Cup Semifinal Predictions

Of the quarterfinals, the only one I called wrong was Brazil vs Belgium and I was very happy to be wrong.

I was unfortunately right that Uruguay minus Cavani lack bite, well, they still had Suarez, but that’s the wrong kind of bite 😉

I am both sad for Russia and happy for Croatia.

As for the semifinals, I cannot separate France and Belgium. France do have the feeling of having reached the semis without difficulty, and they have Mbappe (and Didier Deschamps). On the other hand, N’Golo Kante and Mbappe apart, Belgium may have the better player in most positions – I really rate the Alderwiereld / Vertonghen combination, Lloris hasn’t had his monthly clanger yet in the French goal, and that Belgian midfield are terrifyingly good.

I will stick with my France prediction from before the start of the World Cup.

It should at least be a good match.

Croatia vs England may well not be as good. But it should be interesting. Because um, yeah, they’re reasonably well matched. Or rather I have the greatest doubts about the Croatian goalie and defence, but their midfield are stonking, while England have a solid attack and a solid defence.

Logic says Croatia, an unfortunate promise to be nicer to England says England.

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