Advanced warning that I may be irrational about parts of the 2019 Formula 1 season

I like to be supportive of sportspeople who I admire. Certain of my friends would say that I am a little irrational about this, and unwilling to see flaws in their game – just ask L about my fondness for Mesut Özil. Actually don’t, he is unfairly mean about Özil.

When a sportsperson I like competes for a team I like, that somewhat amplifies the problem. Because, choosing a player at random, I do not like to hear criticism of Giorgio Chiellini. One day he is going to retire and I am going to cry.

But I don’t think either of those responses are all that irrational. When Charles Le Clerc, who I am fond of, drives for Ferrari, who are my team, I know I may be irrational, even by my standards. I have a horrible feeling I am going to be spending the 2019 season hissing and cursing every time Ferrari give him a car that doesn’t work, Vettel gets the car updates first, or anyone so much as taps Le Clerc’s Ferrari.

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