End of the 4th Round of Group Games Update to the World Cup Network Visualisation

The changes up to the end of the fourth round (again, as accurate as Wikipedia can make them):

Italy – Giosuè Zilocchi and Danilo Fischetti for Simone Ferrari and Marco Riccioni.

Argentina – Gonzalo Bertranou replaced Tomás Cubelli.

After fourth round of group games, the diagram looks like this:



Jaguares still have the most players with 26, followed by Welwitschias (20) and then Glasgow and Saracens (15). Two Benetton players have been replace, and both replacements play for Zebre.

The closest teams to the centre are either Samoa or Scotland and either London Irish or Pau. In both cases, I can’t tell.

In the community view, France and Fiji have become one community:


I’m sharing the non-labelled one as well, because I think it’s just so pretty. rNaC5F.png

Looking at the total players named:


Jaguares have the most (27), followed by Welwitschias (20) and Glasgow warriors and Benetton (16).

Samoa and Pau are the team closest to the centre.

From original teams being named to start, Canada and France have added the most (4), then Italy, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa and Tonga with 2 then Argentina, Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States and Wales have all added one.

In the community view, the teams are back to being 20 separate communities.

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